Q?Do I have to stay on at school at 16?

No – but you must do one of the following…

  • Start on an apprenticeship – if hairdressing interests you apply to GeTaHead Training
  • Go into a job with accredited training
  • Enrol on a college course
  • Stay on in post 16 education at a specialised centre or school
Q?Is it for me ?
  • Do you like meeting people and talking to them?
  • Are you artistic and creative?
  • Are you good at practical skills, making things and spending time on the details?
  • Do you have lots of energy and enthusiasm, and like to keep busy?
  • Are you a team member, helping others, using your own ideas, but also seeing when someone needs help?
  • Have you ever worked in a salon?
  • Are you prepared to work hard?
Q?What training do you provide ?

You will normally start an “APPRENTICESHIP” working towards a NATIONAL VOCATIONAL QUALIFICATION (NVQ) LEVEL 2 which you will aim to complete in 18-24 months.

The following are some of those units covered :

  • G7 – Advise and consult with clients
  • G4 – Fulfill salon reception duties
  • G20 – Health and safety
  • G17 – Give clients a positive impression
  • GH9 – Change hair colour
  • GH8 – Shampoo, condition and treat the hair and scalp
  • GH12 – Cut hair using basic techniques
  • GH10 – Style and finish hair
  • GH11 – Set and dress hair
  • GH14 – Perm and neutralise hair
    • We also offer an “ADVANCED APPRENTICESHIP” that consists of NVQ Level 3 which you will aim to complete in 15 to 20 Months.
      Most programmes include KEY SKILLS to further enhance employment prospects in communication, numeracy and IT. The new FUNCTIONAL SKILLS will be introduced later this year to replace Key Skills.

Q?Where will I work ?

The majority of learners are already employed when they come to us. This approach gives you an excellent experience of dealing with clients and developing your skills. All employers will be required to provide training.
We work hard to place learners who approach us directly or offer alternative training opportunities where possible. Alternative training courses are offered from our Retford , Newark and Derby Training Centres.

Q?How do I learn ?
  • Alternatives are offered, but most learners receive their practical training from their own salons
  • The theory is provided by GeTaHead Training with attendance to a resource centre
  • Some learners attend for aspects of their practical training where their own salon is not providing training
  • Some learners receive all their practical training and assessment within the GETAHEAD TRAINING centre in Retford or Newark
  • The delivery package is designed to fit yours and the salons needs !
Q?What else is a available ?
  • The majority of salons offer additional training courses provided by manufacturers
  • You will automatically enter the success scheme operated by GeTaHead Training where all your achievements are recognised and rewarded. Prizes can be won!
  • You will have the opportunity to achieve an IT qualification
Q?How much will the training cost?

There is no charge for training as it is funded directly by the government. Learners will need to be employed in a salon to be eligible. For more information contact GETAHEAD directly on 01777 704225 or email us by following this link.

Private courses available for refreshing skills or commencing a new career – contact us to discuss
Learners are employed and receive a wage inline with the APPRENTICESHIP rate, currently £2.50 per hour, this was introduced in October 2010. This rate increases at the age 19 after completing 1 year studying an apprenticeship.

You will be required to purchase tools, training head, clamp and textbook.

Q?What Qualifications do I need to start ?

You don’t have to be highly qualified, although an average ability in English and Maths is essential for success (we can provide support where necessary).
However, the most important requirement is your commitment to work hard at all aspects of the programme, including the theory and written assessments.
You will be required to do some work in your own time!

Q?What can I do after the course ?

What can I do after the course ?

You may have the opportunity to move onto the advanced apprenticeship programme. As most programmes are work based, employment continuation is extremely high.

However, hairdressing can lead into other exciting careers such as working on cruise ships, film, television, or running your own salon.




Advanced apprentices can progress onto a Level 4 qualification. There is a Hairdressing and Salon Management Course at Buxton University. Click on the image below to view their site