Employment Rights, Responsibilities, Functional Skills, Personal learning & Thinking Skills


Suitable for:

Established hairdressers who are operating a column of work and posses an NVQ Level 2 or equivalent, or who have significant salon experience working as a stylist. Applicants should also have a high level of commitment and enthusiasm to succeed within the industry and be able to take responsibility to oversee promotional or improvement strategies.


Learners will have the advantage of learning and working in a real hairdressing environment. They will be developing their confidence and skills at a supervisory level. Employers will have their trainees where they need them – in the salon. The qualification will enable the salon to raise its profile and offer a higher level of service.

Work Based Learners: Attend the GeTaHead centre just for their theory once a month. All the practical training is delivered in the work place.
Day Release learners: Attend a GeTaHead Training Centre for practical & theory one day a week.
Supported Day Release learners : Attend a GeTaHead Training Centre for practical and theory every fortnight or month. Some practical is delivered by GeTaHead & other areas are delivered by the salon. The frequency is agreed between the salon and GeTaHead.

Entry Requirements:

This course is designed for established hairdressers with:

  • NVQ level 2 (or equivalent), or significant hairdressing experience/ skills
  • Over 16 hours work in their salon per week, normally 30+ hours are expected.
  • Adequate access to models
  • Agreed ability to access the chosen units for assessment requirements.
  • Employer commitment to support the delivery of the training programme and release the learner for the theory aspects of the programme.
  • Level 1 or above obtained in English and Maths initial assessment tests.
  • Commitment to purchase necessary tools, equipment and learning materials.
  • Commitment to complete private study of 2 – 4 hours in learner’s own time.
Learning Programme:

Learners will acquire the knowledge and understanding of the mandatory units (21 credits):

  • 304 Provide client consultation -8 Credits
  • 301 Creatively style and dress hair -7 Credits
  • 302 Creatively cut hair using a combination of techniques -14 Credits
  • 303 Creatively colour and lighten hair -14 Credits
And Choose at least 25 credits from the following
  • 401 colour correction -15 Credits
  • 307 Create a variety of permed effects -10 Credits
  • 402 Develop, enhance, evaluate your creative hairdressing skills -9 Credits
  • 404 Plan, implement, evaluate promotional activity -10 Credits
  • 308 Contribute to financial effectiveness -7 Credits
  • 214 Cut men’s hair -12 Credits
  • 213 Reception -6 Credits


The course will also include: Building PERSONAL LEARNING AND THINKING SKILLS, such as self management, independent thinking, team working, creative thinking effective participation, and reflection. FUNCTIONAL SKILLS of English and Maths (unless there is evidence of prior qualifications) and EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. Assessment may be in the salon or at training centre and will include:

  • Observation of practical skills
  • Oral questioning
  • Written tests
  • Written assignments
  • A portfolio of evidence as required by the awarding body
  • Assignment and tests for the key skills programme (dependent on prior qualifications).
Location of Training:
  • Theory delivered in a GeTaHead Training Centre either at Newark, Retford or Worksop.
  • Practical training will be delivered in the learner’s own salon by the salon or at GeTaHead Centre at Newark or Retford.
  • Practical and oral assessment delivered in the learner’s own salon (by GeTaHead Train-ing, unless the salon has a qualified work based assessor) or at a GeTaHead Centre.
Duration of Course:
  • 12 – 25 months (dependent on individual programme and initial assessment).
Dates/ Frequency:
  • 3 hour induction at a GeTaHead Training Centre.
  • Monthly attendance at a training centre of your choice for theory (up to 4 hours).
  • Fortnightly salon visits by a GeTaHead Trainer or
  • Monthly salon visits by a GeTaHead Trainer (if a qualified work-based assessor is em-ployed in the salon or you attend practical at a GeTaHead Centre).
Costs/ Fees:
  • Cost of textbook is approximately £35.00
  • All registration and certification costs are covered by GeTaHead Training.
  • The course is Government funded so there is no charge. 16 – 18 year olds are automatically funded. 19+ learners are advised to check with GeTaHead to ensure that funding is available.
Awarding Body:
  • City and Guilds
Where can I go from here?

This course will prepare you to progress to the level 4 in hairdressing and/or Salon Management , (Foundation Degree). It will enable you to become senior stylist status in a salon or move into management, technician or employer status or many more careers see: http://www.habia.org/uploads/student_handbook.pdf

You will have the great opportunity to develop or maintain your maths and English skills up to a Functional Skill Level 2 (GCSE A* – C standard ) whilst studying your vocational programme.
You will also find out about your Employment Rights & Responsibilities
Dependent upon previous achievement learners will only be required to complete units they have not already achieved as prior learning is recognised.

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GeTaHead Training is committed to promoting equality and diversity, in an inclusive and supportive environment. In order to make your experience as positive as possible please let us know beforehand if you need assistance with form filling, reading etc.
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